Canada clears major hurdle in legalising recreational marijuana

Map. History of America conflict

22 September 2018
AP sources: US tests 2 more people evacuated from embassy in Cuba in what may be new cases of mysterious health issues.
3 month ago
Reuters: A final statement on the G7 summit is unlikely to result in a lack of consensus among the participating leaders
3 month ago
Air Force One has landed at Bagotville, Quebec.
Trump renews his threat to quit Nafta after his economic adviser this week said he wouldn't
3 month ago
Spokesperson for Canada's Prime Minister says that Canada's position on Russia and the G7 has not changed. (Canada would not support allowing Russian re-entry as long as it is occupying Crimea).
New IMF numbers show countries with highest proportion of national wealth cycled through tax havens are UAE, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.
First meeting of a busy day for @theresa_may @g7 - but no formal sit down expected with @POTUS - Number 10 insist that is not a snub3 month ago
First meeting of a busy day for @theresa_may @g7 - but no formal sit down expected with @POTUS - Number 10 insist that is not a snub
3 month ago
Canadian PM's office: Canada remains opposed to allowing Russia back in to the G7. Italy PM Conte: agree with Pres Trump that Russia should be allowed back in to the G7
Air Force One wheels up to Canada (as of 849am). An hour behind schedule.
Trump says Russia should be back in G7 (the former G8): "I am Russia's worst nightmare that being said Russia should be in this meeting."
Russia should be in G7 meeting, @POTUS tells reporters on his departure from @WhiteHouse as he heads here to G7 Charlevoix
3 month ago
U.S., Canada urge delay in vote on Vietnam's cybersecurity bill
British Prime Minister Theresa May, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Italy's new Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte arrive in Canada for the G7 summit3 month ago
British Prime Minister Theresa May, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Italy's new Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte arrive in Canada for the G7 summit
Netherlands' EU strategy: "Either we are able to confront migration challenges and geopolitical shifts outside Europe, and manage discontent on the inside, or Western society collapses and the Netherlands goes with it."
"There are disagreements between NATO allies but at NATO we stand together," @jensstoltenberg says. "We see the US and Canada increasing their presence in Europe." (He must be so tired of answering "transatlantic tension" questions.)
A male has non-life threatening injuries after an overnight stabbing near Caven Rd. and Lakeshore Rd. in Mississauga, police say. No arrests have been made
3 month ago
Two males will be charged with attempted murder after they allegedly stabbed each other at a townhouse complex on Humber Boulevard, police say. Both were taken to hospital in stable condition.
3 month ago
Canada clears major hurdle in legalising recreational marijuana
G7 leaders set to clash with combative Trump over tariffs, trade
Guatemala volcano alert too late to save lives, officials admit
U.S. can sell pork to Mexico through import quota, despite tariffs: Mexico
White House announces @realDonaldTrump will leave G7 4 hours earlier than scheduled, before the end of the meeting
Harjit Sajjan: Canada and Ukraine are close defence allies. We have deployed our @canadianforces to Ukraine to deliver training and capacity building programs, and we continue to strengthen this relationship with ongoing initiatives. Good to speak with Minister Stepan Poltorak
3 month ago
[email protected]: MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
3 month ago
Reports of polio reemergence in Venezuela within an indigenous community.
With China "It's much more aggressive economic competition that's taking place" per @southcomwatch's Adm Tidd, specifically with Panama
Russia making inroads also in Agentina and in Peru with sales of vehicles due to "some very unhelpful propaganda that came out of Russia" says @ADMKurtWTidd "It's competition that's going on and we've got to be on the field of play"
Venezuela benefiting most from Russia military sales - hi-tech systems "that clearly are not warranted from the security threats in the area, says SOUTHCOM's @ADMKurtWTidd - high performance aircraft, air defense systems, also refurbished T-70 tanks to Nicaragua
Latin American countries watching out for Russia influence campaigns "They have very serious concerns" per @southcomwatch's Adm Tidd "Our partners throughout the region who have elections, very important elections, both recently and in the future, all are very concerned"
"We also see very, very aggressive efforts to sell military hardware in the region" @ADMKurtWTidd says of Russia in Central/South America "Oftentimes those types of deals come without the sort of typical strings attached in terms of end use"
Russia has "reestablished periodic presence in terms of intelligence collection platforms, bomber patrols, other sorts of things that periodically will come and pass through the region" says @southcomwatch's Adm Tidd
"Right here, far closer to home there is competition going on" @ADMKurtWTidd says of Russia China "It's competition for influence and the singlemost important thing we can do is compete ourselves"
US Southern Command worried about Russia-China across LatinAmerica "We can't just pay attention to what they're doing in Europe or in the SouthChinaSea" @southcomwatch Cmdr @ADMKurtWTidd tells reporters
Guatemala suspends rescue efforts in volcano eruption zone, citing danger to workers
US tariffs will have adverse effects on American workers: Trudeau and Macron
Second passenger dies following Prescott bus crash3 month ago
Second passenger dies following Prescott bus crash
Brazil raises FX intervention again as brl breaches 3.90/usd
3 month ago
"In law enforcement, things happen in a micro-second officers have to be highly trained," Saunders says.
3 month ago
Saunders says he does not want to comment on the officer injured in the shooting this morning.
3 month ago
The province’s police watchdog is investigating a police-involved shooting in Scarborough that left one person dead and an officer injured
3 month ago
One person was killed and a police officer was injured following a shooting near Warden Ave. and Hymus Rd. in Scarborough. The province's police watchdog is investigating incident
Inés Zorreguieta, 33, youngest sister of Máxima, Queen of the Netherlands, has been found dead in Buenos Aires of suicide.
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