Earthquake of magnitude 5.8 - 37km SSW of San Patricio, Mexico

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24 February 2018
Chuck Schumer: Working with @NydiaVelazquez and @RepJoseSerrano, our budget deal locked in over $89 Billion for recovery, repairs, and future mitigation to help infrastructure, schools and economic revitalization in communities impacted by disasters, including PuertoRico and the USVI
First on CNN: US troops from @southcomwatch advised and assisted local security forces during anti-terror raids Thursday in Trinidad and Tobago, helping to capture 4 "high value targets," according to US officials. The raids likely helped thwart an attack on the country's Carnival
2 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.2 - 114km N of Codrington, Barbuda
2 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 - 147km N of Codrington, Barbuda
2 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 80km NNW of Road Town, British Virgin Islands
US Department of State: Colombia Security Alert: The National Liberation Army (ELN) terrorist group announced an economic shutdown from 6am Feb. 10 until 6am Feb. 13. ELN has warned civilians not to travel during this period and have threatened to forcibly close roads, river/sea transport, and air routes.
2 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.8 - 37km SSW of San Patricio, Mexico
FARC announces the suspension of its electoral campaign due to the "lack of guarantees"
President Duterte complained that Canada and the US included too many impositions on their arms deals
President Duterte tells the Philippines armt to cut chopper deal with Canada, adds that they should no longer buy weapons and armaments from Canada and the United States
ICC chief prosecutor probes suspected Venezuela police crimes and the use of excessive force, after more than 100 people died in last year's anti-government protests
Mexican authorities capture Los Zetas drug cartel faction leader
2 week ago
[email protected]: Time to end the visa lottery. Congress must secure the immigration system and protect Americans.
Maduro: The more defeated is the Venezuelan opposition, we enjoy more peace and security in the country
2 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 40km WNW of Lebu, Chile
Earthquake in Biobío Region.
2 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 - 40km WNW of Lebu, Chile
2 week ago
[email protected]: As long as we open our eyes to God's grace - and open our hearts to God's love - then America will forever be the land of the free, the home of the brave, and a light unto all nations. NationalPrayerBreakfast
Department of State: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson welcomes Guatemala's President @JimmyMoralesGt today to discuss U.S. support for addressing security, prosperity, democratic-governance challenges.
A prayer vigil was held for Charleston civil rights and Black Lives Matter activist Muhiyidin D'baha, who was shot and killed in New Orleans.
Toronto police say they've recovered the remains of at least 6 people from a property connected to alleged serial killer.
Investigators say that they have found the remains of six different individuals on a property linked to alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur
US Department of State: The United States denounces the decision by Venezuela's National Electoral Council to unilaterally advance presidential elections. We support the decision by opposition parties to reject the government's terms for elections that would not be free and fair.
USAF RC-135V 64-14844 CLONE96 departed Offutt at 0841z - Carribean Sea mission2 week ago
USAF RC-135V 64-14844 CLONE96 departed Offutt at 0841z - Carribean Sea mission
Colombia will deploy 2,120 more soldiers along the Venezuela border-Santos
Trudeau wants to reintegrate ISIS fighters into Canada.
#Colombia: President Santos travels Cúcuta to address Venezuelan immigration crisis
2 week ago
[email protected]: "America stands with all people suffering oppression and religious persecution."
2 week ago
[email protected]: "Together as Americans, we are a tireless force for justice and for peace."
2 week ago
[email protected]: "America is a nation of believers and together we are strengthened by the power of prayer."