Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 57km SSW of Acari, Peru

Map. History of America conflict

24 February 2018
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong, 2 others freed after winning appeal against prison sentence
2 week ago
KCNA: "Dolt-like Trump should know that his backbone would be broken, to say nothing of 'bloody nose', and the empire of America would go to the hell and the short history of the U.S. would end forever, the moment he destroys even a single blade of grass on this land."
2 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 144km W of Constitucion, Chile
2 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 57km SSW of Acari, Peru
Venezuela's Maduro says OPEC countries should use one single currency: state TV
Department of State: Secretary Tillerson comments on the strong U.S.-Peru partnership and expresses the United States' support for Peru's growing international leadership role on a range of issues during a press conference with Foreign Minister @cayetanaaljovin in Lima.
Tegucigalpa: Students shut down the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) and clash with police force on the first day of academic year.
2 week ago
[email protected]: "We're one team, one people, and one family and we're saluting one, great American flag and everybody stood up yesterday. There was nobody kneeling at the beginning of the Super Bowl."
2 week ago
[email protected]: "We're all in this together. We're one team, one people, and one family and we're saluting one, great American flag."
Canadians handed to Embassy of Canada in Turkey: Jollie Bimbach and Sean Moor came from Canada to Lebanon searching for Jollie's 2 sons who were taken by her ex-husband, then crossed to Syria illegally and continued to government-held areas in north Hama to rebels-held Idlib where HTS captured them in early-January
2 week ago
[email protected]: "Hard-working, patriotic Americans like you are what make this country run and run like no other."
HTS-affiliated Salvation Government handed over 4 Canadian person(mother and her 2 sons and a man) who crossed from government-held areas to Idlib last month to Canadian embassy in Turkey
2 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 139km SW of Callao, Peru
Department of State: Today in Buenos Aires, Secretary Tillerson and Argentine President @mauriciomacri discussed how we can our deepen economic and security ties. The Secretary said the U.S. is very pleased with Argentina's G20 presidency and looks forward to working with them throughout year.
Honduras: anti-Hernandez protests continue throughout the country like in the northern town of Choloma, just outside of SanPedroSula, where protesters are blocking roads today
2 week ago
[email protected]: Representative Devin Nunes, a man of tremendous courage and grit, may someday be recognized as a Great American Hero for what he has exposed and what he has had to endure!
China rebuffs U.S. criticism of relations with oil-rich Venezuela
The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, asks the population of the country to prepare for a "digital war", especially in social networks
Sea of Eagles Fans celebrating on South Broad Street. Super Bowl Champs
Six people were arrested and "a number of injuries" were reported after 2,000 people gathered outside a student dorm complex at UMass Amherst after the Patriots' SuperBowl loss, according to the school.
Watching @fox29philly and heard the first damage reports from Police Commissioner Ross: few downed poles, a broken window at Macy's, a torn down awning at the Ritz Carlton. Also reports of folks throwing cans at officers
[email protected]​ fans jump on dump trucks, SEPTA bus stop in Center City after SuperBowl win
2 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 24km W of Ilabaya, Peru
Tillerson says considers Venezuela oil sale restrictions, sanctions
West Palm Beach Police responded to reports of a 41-year-old male fatally struck by a car at the intersection of South Dixie Highway and Lytle Street in West Palm Beach
Evacuation of the Parliament of Ecuador due to bomb threat
The PSUV designates Maduro as its candidate for the next presidential elections
3 week ago
[email protected]: "Trump the orator outlines the greatness of America to Democrats' disgust"
Venezuela defense minister says U.S. secretary of state raising prospect of Maduro military ouster is 'outrageous'
3 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 146km WSW of Masachapa, Nicaragua