Map. History of America conflict

24 June 2017
National Guard with tear gas bombs is dispersing protesters at La Carlota base
One wounded was evacuated from Francisco Fajardo highway
Funeral of David Vallenilla in El Rosal
Protesters have removed another piece of La Carlota base fence
Shutdown continues at Boulevar El Cafetal, Santa Paula
Closed entrance to Rómulo Gallego Caracas
Map of 150 points of protests in Caracas
Truck with food was looted in Cocorote, Yaracuy
Protesters are burning the barricade in Palo Verde
National Guard amassing at La Carlota base to clear Fransisco Fajardo highway
Clashes continue at Francisco Fajardo highway in La Carlota military base vicinity
Altamira. Man overrun several people on Luis Roche Avenue. Driver stopped. Police on the scene
Water cannon is retreating at La Carlota base
Protesters have shutdown the Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi Avenue at Margarita Island
"This is people's territory!" -#TDOA17 taking over the streets of NYC
Protesters in Barquisimeto closing the road with garbage
Closed road in San Antonio de Los Altos, Miranda
Protesters battling with water cannon at La Carlota base
#TDOA17 has taken the streets of NYC
Armored vehicles at La Carlota base in Caracas
Caracas: Protesters downing the fence of La Carlota base
People gathering in Washington Square Park NYC for #TDOA17
Tear gas bombs deployed at Francisco Fajardo highway near La Carlota airbase
University Avenue at the area of the Free Market in Naguanagua - Carabobo
Protest in Los Teques, Miranda
Trucks on fire at Francisco Fajardo
Protesters shut down the roads in many points in Caracas
Rally at Casanova Avenue in El Recreo
Protest at Galeria Plaza, Avenida Bolívar, Maracay
Police launched crackdown on protesters in Chacaito
Police launched crackdown on protesters in Chacaito
Trucks on fire at Francisco Fajardo Highway, Caracas
Protesters shutdown the road in Calle Suapure
Masked protesters are gathering at Altamira interchange in Caracas
Roads closed by protest in Carabobo
Queues for gasoline in Táchira
Rallies in Lechería, Puerto La Cruz, Barcelona, Guanta, Anaco, El Tigre of Anzoátegui province
Protest in Los Ruices, Caracas
Now at Altamira Interchange
Merida is completely paralyzed to nationwide strike
Police trying to intervene at protest in El Trigal, Carabobo
Musicians at rally in Bello Monte
Rally in San Bernardino of Caracas
Protesters shutdown Francisco Mirando Avenue near Chacao station
Roads are shutdown due to protest in El llanito in Petare
In downtown Caracas the people rallying against Nicolas Maduro "no more repressions"!
"No more violence" - reads one of protester banner at Urdaneta Avenue, Caracas
Rallies shut down the roads from San Martin to El Márquez
Protest on Bolivar Avenue in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui
Protest in Maiquetía, Vargas
Protest in La Candelaria in Central Caracas
National Assembly workers were attacked by violent thugs during protest
Norway demands that Brazil curb deforestation in the Amazon or says it will cut funding
Colombia's FARC to finish disarming on Friday: President @JuanManSantos says
Trump administration has dropped funding for a group dedicated to de-radicalizing neo-Nazis and stopping white extremism
Beijing broke its promises to HongKong, Democrat laments 20 years after handover