Map. History of America conflict

20 July 2017
National Guard supress the protest in Santa Monica, Caracas
Nicolás Maduro threatens @FreddyGuevaraC: your cell has been prepared and is waiting for you
Video: National Guard troopers steel the motorbike in Los Ruices
National Guard armoured vehicle was hit with firebomb in Los Nuevos Teques
Reportedly 1 person was detained in Los Ruices
Police surveillance module is on fire in Los Ruices
Police module burns in Los Ruices
“These are network-based approaches that have worked in South America and they’re going to work in the MiddleEast" says @TomBossert45
Caracas: security forces have entered El Paraiso
Heavy repressions at Los Mangos in Ciudad Guayana
Repression in Los Molinos, Acarigua, Portuguesa state
Roads are closed in San José de Los Altos with baricades
National Guard crackdown in Montalban since early morning
Report of repression in Maracay, Aragua state
1 was detained during clashes with National Guard in Guayana
Carabobo: barricades since 3am at Don Julio Centeno in San Diego
Crackdown by National Guard in El Indio, Los Nuevos Teques
Heavy repression in Los Nuevos Teques
GNB is close to the Av Las Fuentes in El Paraiso are dissolving the barricades of protesters
Gianni Scovino who was brutally attacked by National guard troopers in Lecheria remains hospitalized
A man indicted in a large-scale Puerto Rican drug conspiracy was arrested in Bismarck early Wednesday morning. He made his initial court appearance in court at 1:30 p.m. and pleaded not guilty. He is still being held in custody.​
Protesters have set up spontaneous roadblocks across Venezuela's capital a day before a general strike planned by opponents of government plans to rewrite the constitution.
National Guard has surrounded the UDO Nueva Esparta. Have taken the two enters
Barricades in Bello Monte
Sen. Jeff Flake defends his Democratic opponent Deedra Abboud after she is attacked on Facebook for being Muslim
Chaos in Caracas by cause of transport workers strike and road shutdowns
Venezuela National Guard crackdown on protesters in Quinta Crespo, Caracas
35 injured in clashes with National Guard at UNIMET in Caracas
5 arrested in Maracaibo after clashes with National Guard
National Guard is dispersing protesters at Metropolitano interchange