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23 September 2017
President Maduroo at #Cuba
[email protected]: "We're building our future with American hands, American laborWe will buy American, we will hire American."
[email protected]: "We are standing up for American workers, and defending American jobs and American industry."
[email protected]: "In America, we don't worship government. We worship God."
[email protected]: "We know that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the true centers of American life."
[email protected]: "Luther and Iare unified by the same great American values. We are proud of our country, we respect our flag."
[email protected]: "I will always defend America's interests above all else. I'm here for you."
[email protected]: "The world is starting to respect the United States of America again."
[email protected]: "It's one of the greatest honors of my life to represent the American people on that world stage."
[email protected]: "When one part of America hurts, we all hurt."
[email protected]: "Luther Strange knows the true source of America's strength: It's God, it's family, and it's country."
Army sent into Rio's Rocinha favela after almost a week of violence
Poices are present in Linha Amarela
Army return to Rio favela amid clashes between gangs and policemen
[email protected]: Heading to Alabama now, big crowd!
Puerto Rico's total blackout on @NASANPP night images. When Maria hit, everything went dark. Could be like that for months
[email protected] comments on Canada's promise to continue and increase military support - to Ukraine
Soldiers rope down into Rocinha, Brazil's giant favela, to confront drug gangs.
Bronx anti-gentrification march took over the streets and chanted against corrupt politicians and greedy landlords. Got honks of support too.
Canada imposes sanctions on 40 Venezuelan government officials
PMERJ in patrolling with the Army Police in #Rocinha Favela
Large church in San Juan with extensive damage.
Canada: It is important to show the Venezuelan regime that their behavior is unacceptable and has consequences.
President Poroshenko is on visit in Canada, met PM @JustinTrudeau
Defense Minister said 950 troops sent near Rocinha would be mostly army police
Many areas of Barranquitas are unrecognizable due to lack of vegetation, electric cables in the ground and broken houses. #huracanmaria
The mayor informs that the beach of Ponce is devastated. El Tablado de la Guancha is also affected. - Hurricane Maria
'Unfortunate' if incidents U.S. says harming diplomats politicized: Cuba
Dam fails on lake in northwest Puerto Rico, emergency evacuations underway at nearby communities
Maduro arrived in Cuba to give a donation to victims of Hurricane Irma
National Weather Service says Guatajaca Dam is failing in western Puerto Rico, buses evacuating population of two towns
NWS: Flash flooding is occurring on the Rio Guajataca in Puerto RIco; emergency evacuation underway for Isabela and Quebradillas
NWS San Juan issues flash flood warning as dam operators report Guajataca Dam in Puerto Rico is failing after Hurricane Maria.
[email protected]: Thank you to Doug Parker and American Airlines for all of the help you have given to the U.S. with Hurricane flights. Fantastic job!
Pentagon says San Juan airport has been opened for military aircraft post Hurricane Maria
Protesters gathered in downtown Denver to oppose the Graham-Cassidy health bill. They want Sen. Cory Gardner to vote against it. @CNN
UK: HMS Ocean has arrived in the British Virgin Islands where she will provide support to those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.
Cuba at UNGA: Cuba will never accept any preconditions or impositions, nor will it ever renounce any of its principles
Protesters sing "We Shall Not Be Moved" as former FBI Director James Comey takes stage at Howard University
WH says Pres Trump "pledged continued help" to Puerto Rico and the USVI in phone calls yesterday to their governors.
Hurricane #Maria has killed at least 30 people, officials announced
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square