Map. History of America conflict

22 June 2017
Airbnb to collect room tax in Puerto Rico for government
Caracas Chacao: David Jose Vallenilla was 22 years of age, was TSU Nursing, was wounded by the bullet. Has died
Clashes at Francisco Fajardo highway
Moment when National Guard trooper shot David Vallenilla, 22 years old
National Guard trooper wounded young protestor in the vicinity of the La Carlota base
22y.o protester David José Vallenilla died in Caracas after was shot by Venezuela National Guard trooper
Reports contingent GNB entering the Park Vereda del Lago in Maracaibo
Situation in the Universidad Rafael Urdaneta. Classes were suspended. Reported injured by actions of the National Guard
People upset about the Senate's proposed health plan protested outside of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office Thursday afternoon, prompting Capitol Police to escort them out of the building. Dozens were arrested.
Elderly woman asks members of the GNP to end repression in Chacaito
Police launched crackdown on protesters in Caracas, Venezuela
Truck is on fire at ElRosal Caracas
Venezuela police has deployed tear gas against peaceful protesters in Chacaito
.@VP: The U.S. will enhance its work with Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries to combat organized crime, strengthen citizen security...
Protesters are going to Chacao
Protesters are gathering in Altamira to march up to the MP. Closed the Francisco de Miranda
Maduro: This year we will have two electoral processes: the National Constituent Assembly on July 30 and Governors on 10 Dec
Lara is going against the constituent Assembly and in honor of the fallen through the streets of Barquisimeto
Maduro: "Venezuela is the hope of many in the world"
@dsmolansky: "Dictatorship not only affects 30 million Vzlanos." but hundreds of millions of Latin Americans'
Police drag away protesters, some in wheelchairs, outside of Sen. McConnell's office after draft of Senate health care bill is revealed
Colombian rebel group National Liberation Army (ELN) announces plans to free two Dutch journalists
Earthquake in Escuintla, Guatemala (9m ago). 38km SW of Puerto San Jose. Magnitude: 6.8 Depth: 10.0
Strong 6.8-magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Guatemala
From the PlazaAltamira begins march for the fallen in honor of Fabian Urbina
Protesters begin to walk towards the place where Fabian Urbina was killed
Protesters have shutdown the highway at Santa Fe interchange, Caracas
Barricades at Santa Fe interchange at Prados Del Este highway
Funeral of Fabian in Maracay, Aragua
Jury acquits former Milwaukee police officer of first-degree reckless homicide in deadly shooting of Sylville Smith, AP reports.