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22 of January 2017 Piers Morgan's "Men's March" causes a stir on social media
22 of January 2017 Driver says he's unfazed after limo set ablaze in Friday DC protest
22 of January 2017 More than 1 million people marched against President Trump in the US - and that's without counting DC
22 of January 2017 Even people in Antarctica joined the Women's March movement
22 of January 2017 At the Women's March, Madonna says she's "thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House"
22 of January 2017 Airport screening rules revamped for transgender travellers
22 of January 2017 Celebrities and politicians took to the streets to participate in the Womens March
22 of January 2017 Mexico's Pena Nieto, Trump speak by phone, to meet Jan. 31
22 of January 2017 Across US over 2 million people flooded city streets as women opposed to Donald Trump WomensMarch led a stunning rebuke to new president
22 of January 2017 Photos: Thousands gather in Vancouver for Women’s March after Trump inauguration
22 of January 2017 Extraordinary picture taken by @bejohnce at the LA march.
22 of January 2017 Trump and Trudeau look 'forward to meeting soon,' after Saturday phone chat
22 of January 2017 Comparing President Donald Trump's inauguration crowd to the Womens March
22 of January 2017 Backcountry skier dead following avalanche near Nelson, B.C.
22 of January 2017 Hundreds of thousands of people turn out at the D.C. #WomensMarch and at sister marches across the country
22 of January 2017 Thousands in Toronto take to the streets in support of the Womens March
22 of January 2017 Despite real estate slowdown, Vancouver developers are bullish on condo market and rental potential
21 of January 2017 Estimated 750,000 people at #WomensMarch in LA
21 of January 2017 At #WomensMarch, Madonna says she has "thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House"
21 of January 2017 14th Street in the US capital Washington.
21 of January 2017 Today, a massive gathering of an estimated 60,000 ppl gathered in StPaul for the #WomensMarchMN - #WomensMarch
21 of January 2017 Boston now.
21 of January 2017 The snow came down heavy for our WomensMarch but 5,000 people still came out in (rural) Idaho.
21 of January 2017 Partial view of the perimeter of the WomensMarch crowd in Denver this morning
21 of January 2017 Transport Disruptions cause of WomensMarch
21 of January 2017 It's shoulder to shoulder at the womensmarch in DC, with official early estimate at over half a million people
21 of January 2017 More photos from the #WomensMarch in Boise IdahonIt was freezing and snowing and icy and wet, and an amazing turnout
21 of January 2017 Nashville, TN: #WomensMarch
21 of January 2017 AP sources say crowd packs entire route of Women's March, preventing organizers from leading formal march toward White House
21 of January 2017 Here is a better view of the crowd at the Indianapolis Women's March
21 of January 2017 Hundreds of thousands flood the national mall for #WomensMarch. This is just part of the crowd
21 of January 2017 Spotted John Kerry walking his cute pup down Pennsylvania avenue during DC's Women's March
21 of January 2017 An aerial view of the Chicago WomensMarch right now (+150k people).
21 of January 2017 Large crowd at the Women's March on Oklahoma at the capitol.
21 of January 2017 #WomensMarch Montreal
21 of January 2017 Thousands gather for #WomensMarch in Naples
21 of January 2017 South Pasadena #WomensMarch
21 of January 2017 Women protest against Trump on streets of Europe's capitals
21 of January 2017 #WomensMarch in NY
21 of January 2017 Washington officials now estimate 500,000 will attend the ongoing #womensmarch
21 of January 2017 Indianapolis: Singing of the national anthem to open the event. #WomensMarch
21 of January 2017 Thousands of people streaming into the National Mall #womensmarchdc
21 of January 2017 At Central square Boston for the #WomensMarch
21 of January 2017 The #WomensMarch in downtown St. Louis
21 of January 2017 Capitol South Metro Station: #WomensMarch
21 of January 2017 "Hello Russia!" #WomensMarch
21 of January 2017 #WomensMarch in DC, Boston, Paris and London.
21 of January 2017 Photos of the Shady Grove Metro station currently. Hearing it's an hour wait to get on the train
21 of January 2017 Women descend on DC a day after anarchists create chaos
21 of January 2017 A photographer caught this touching moment of unity shared between Trump supporters and protesters
21 of January 2017 In New York City at the Michael Moore's anti-Trump protest night before
21 of January 2017 Man in critical condition after shooting at University of Washington protest, suspect at large
21 of January 2017 Anti-Trump protesters menace inaugural ball-goers
21 of January 2017 A flight to Washington from Atlanta is packed full of women all heading to the Women's March on Washington
21 of January 2017 Shia LaBeouf launched an anti-Trump live stream to protest the President for the next four years
21 of January 2017 DC police arrest 217 protesters
21 of January 2017 With hundreds of thousands expected to join the women's march in DC, several stores are running out of poster boards
21 of January 2017 "Saturday Night Live" writer tweets about Donald Trump's youngest son, then deletes, "Barron will be this country's first homeschool shooter"
21 of January 2017 White nationalist Richard Spencer was punched during an interview near President Trump's inauguration
21 of January 2017 Inauguration protesters clash with police, violence escalates
21 of January 2017 Seattle FD says it’s a “possible life threatening injury” after someone was shot at protest of Milo Yiannopoulos
21 of January 2017 Seattle Fire Department confirms 1 adult male was shot during protests at the UW campus, suffering from possible life-threatening injury
21 of January 2017 Adult male transported to HMC with possible life threatening injury from a gun shot wound. Pt transported from area near Spokane Ln NE
21 of January 2017 Apparent shooting at the University of Washington campus happened during protests against Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos
21 of January 2017 1 person is believed to have been shot during protests at the University of Washington in Seattle, police say
21 of January 2017 Denver disruptj20 march has dispersed after two hours and one arrest - no additional arrests yet that we are aware of.
21 of January 2017 Riot police on 16th Street Mall in Denver. #disruptj20
21 of January 2017 .@denverpolice threatening photojournalist with arrest at #disruptj20 march
21 of January 2017 Riot police on sides of RDVs (Rapid Deployment Vehicles) now very close to anti Trump march #disruptj20
21 of January 2017 Trump's sex accusers will speak out at Women's March on Saturday
21 of January 2017 Militarized riot police pushing #disruptj20 march off of highway on ramp in Denver
21 of January 2017 Donald Tump effigy burned at Franklin and Nicollet in Minneapolis protest.
21 of January 2017 Six DC police officers sustained injuries as a result of protesters throwing rocks and bricks
21 of January 2017 Young people have flooded Chicago's Lake Shore Drive
21 of January 2017 Far-right activist @RichardBSpencer was punched in the face during protests in Washington, DC
21 of January 2017 A band plays the Darth Vader theme amid a thousands-strong protest outside Trump Tower in Chicago.
20 of January 2017 Anti-Trump protesters set a limo on fire amid InaugurationDay festivities.
20 of January 2017 Police clash with anarchist protesters, arrest at least 95 in downtown DC
20 of January 2017 Scenes: Police, anti-Trump protesters clash on K St in DC
20 of January 2017 Protestors clash with police on the streets of Washington, D.C. ahead of Inauguration Day parade.
20 of January 2017 Violence flared on some Washington, D.C streets today as some protestors smashed car and store windows.
20 of January 2017 Video from earlier of a protestor rushing the line of cops.
20 of January 2017 Anti-Trump demonstration in McPherson Square.
20 of January 2017 Tens of thousands expected to protest Trump inauguration in next few days
20 of January 2017 ‘This Is Our Right’: Protests Erupt in Washington With Mission to Disrupt
20 of January 2017 SF protests of DonaldTrump inauguration trigger transit disruptions, blocked streets
20 of January 2017 Police push Washington Post reporter to ground
20 of January 2017 About 70-80 people gather at Justin Herman Plaza to protest Trump as SF activates emergency operations center
20 of January 2017 PHOTOS: Police corner InaugurationDay DisruptJ20 protesters after multiple businesses are vandalized
20 of January 2017 Donald Trump protesters in Washington D.C. attempt to block access to inauguration
20 of January 2017 Confrontation btw. police and group of demonstrator featuring many black-clad protestors. Policeman said protestors vandalized.
20 of January 2017 Inauguration protesters vandalize businesses, break windows
20 of January 2017 Protesters block security checkpoints ahead of the inauguration
20 of January 2017 Protester: Donald Trump is trying to bring back ‘slavery’
20 of January 2017 Police in a stand off at 12th and L with protestors. They have hands up.
20 of January 2017 Anti-Trump protests intensifying in Washington right now
20 of January 2017 VIDEO: Inauguration Disorder
20 of January 2017 Anti-Trump protesters smash windows of Starbucks in Washington
20 of January 2017 Riots around K-Street in DC people are smashing windows and even physically attacking security forces
20 of January 2017 Fistfight breaks out between biker, protester outside a checkpoint for the inauguration.
20 of January 2017 Police and anti-#Inauguration2017 protestors are now clashing in Washington, DC. Small blasts heard.
20 of January 2017 Anti-Trump protesters used chains to lock themselves together and shut down access to an inauguration checkpoint
20 of January 2017 Video: Anti Trump protester smashes window in Washington DC Inauguration
20 of January 2017 Cherry bomb type devices reported being thrown by black-clad #Inauguration2017 protestors.
20 of January 2017 Protesters walking along the entrances to the parade route, making statements with signs and balloons
20 of January 2017 Sign says: "Not my president." Guy says: "Google Translate helped me out." Inauguration Day, Washington.
20 of January 2017 Long day for law enforcement: Black Lives Matter activists crash checkpoint at Donald Trump's inauguration
20 of January 2017 Emma Hunt and Andrew Givens are among the large group of anti-Trump waiting to get through the security checkpoint.
20 of January 2017 Scenes from @realDonaldTrump protests near Inauguration route.
20 of January 2017 Trump supporter is confronting some protesters
20 of January 2017 #BlackLivesMatter gathering outside Union Station. "What do we want? JUSTICE." "If we don't get it? SHUT. IT. DOWN."
20 of January 2017 Day of protests, arrests expected as Trump becomes president
20 of January 2017 Large group of anti-Trump protesters gathered close to the parade route
20 of January 2017 Alex Jones escorted by police out of Movement for Black Lives inauguration checkpoint blockade
20 of January 2017 Police trying to keep peace at 10 and E. But protesters continue to clash with officers as Trump supporters have trouble getting in.
20 of January 2017 Brazil launches negotiations for Mercosur-EFTA free trade agreement
20 of January 2017 Hundreds of climatejustice activists block Inauguration checkpoint #disruptj20
20 of January 2017 Protesters prepare to disrupt inauguration festivities
20 of January 2017 Photos: #Inauguration Protests
20 of January 2017 Ontario chief suggests class action lawsuit to stop Indigenous youth suicides
20 of January 2017 #BLM marches into the barricade, asking for video and media. Another march comes through: "We have nothing to lose but our chains!!"
20 of January 2017 Brazilian president decrees official mourning for the death of Justice Teori Zavascki
20 of January 2017 National Guard out this morning in Washington D.C. in preparation for #disruptJ20
20 of January 2017 Half the line going in to the inauguration here seem to be anti-Trump
20 of January 2017 Second phase of Ottawa's light rail transit plan gets green light from NCC
20 of January 2017 Canada cuts $48M in tariffs to boost food manufacturing
20 of January 2017 Michael Moore at anti-Trump protest: "He will not last the four years"
20 of January 2017 Man who allegedly stole $1.6M in gold flakes in NYC arrested in Ecuador; was reportedly deported 4 times
20 of January 2017 Extradited Mexican drug lord 'El Chapo' arrives in US
20 of January 2017 Malia Obama secretly traveled to Bolivia and Peru
20 of January 2017 Police clash with anti-Trump protesters on eve of inauguration
20 of January 2017 Plane carrying El Chapo arrives at MacArthur airport on Long Island
20 of January 2017 #DeploraBall attendees chased by #DisruptJ20 protesters
20 of January 2017 Protesters are now moving in several directions. D.C. police are adjusting accordingly
20 of January 2017 Plane carrying extradited Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo arrives at MacArthur Airport on Long Island
20 of January 2017 Japan officially ratifies TPP on Trump inauguration day
20 of January 2017 Protesters burning posters and dancing outside National Press Club anti-Trump protest
20 of January 2017 Projections on the front of the National Press Building
20 of January 2017 Giant inflatable elephant branded with "racism" sign mocks GOP, Trump outside #DeploraBall
20 of January 2017 At line for deploraball. protestors chanting 'Nazi Scum'
20 of January 2017 New pic of El Chapo being extradited from Mexico to the US tonight
20 of January 2017 D.C. Metro police wearing helmets outside Trump International Hotel; "keeping everyone safe."
20 of January 2017 The crowd jeers at people entering the DeploraBall. Earlier, they chanted, "Nazi scum, off our streets!"
20 of January 2017 Fight just broke out. @DCPoliceDept rushed in to stop it
20 of January 2017 The first picture El Chapo's extradition to the U.S. provided by the Attorney General of Mexico
20 of January 2017 Clashes at protest in Washington, DC
20 of January 2017 At the Disrupt the Deploraball Protest
20 of January 2017 Woman with "No Trump No KKK No Fascist USA" sign trailed by Fox News reporter. Crowd started yelling "F--- Fox News."
20 of January 2017 Protest outside National Press Club. People shouting they Trump is illegitimate
20 of January 2017 Smoke devices. At 14th St. and F St. Protesters set off "smoke devices." Some scream "F- Trump."
20 of January 2017 Smoke. People seem to be throwing signs and litter at the police.
20 of January 2017 Banner outside National Press Building: Trump/Pence government Illegitimate Fascist
20 of January 2017 Dozens of protesters outside National Bank of Washington with signs saying "Stop the Trump-Pence government."
20 of January 2017 People cheer. Motorcade drives by 1700 Pennsylvania Ave. Secret service agent confirmed that it's Trump
20 of January 2017 @TheJusticeDept confirms Mexico's extradition of "El Chapo."
20 of January 2017 Defense Dept. announces 4 detainee transfers out of Guantanamo Bay prison, the final transfers under Obama; 41 detainees remain.
19 of January 2017 Ambassador Hafsa Abdulla Mohamed Sharif Al Ulama, of the UAE, presents credentials to President @MichelTemer
19 of January 2017 President @MichelTemer receives credentials from Peter Michael McKinley, Ambassador of the USA.
19 of January 2017 The Ambassador of Vietnam to Brazil, Do Ba Khoa, presents credentials to President @MichelTemer
19 of January 2017 President @MichelTemer receives credentials from Mohamed Hedi Soltani, Ambassador of Tunisia
19 of January 2017 Ambassador Satoru Sato, of Japan, presents credentials to @MichelTemer
19 of January 2017 Ambassador Ali Kaya Savut, of Turkey, presents credentials to @MichelTemer
19 of January 2017 .@MichelTemer receives credentials from Nabil Adghoghi, Ambassador of Morocco.
19 of January 2017 .@MichelTemer receives credentials from the Ambassador of Senegal, Ms. Fatoumata Binetou Rassoul Correa
19 of January 2017 Condition of Justice Zavascki, who is overseeing a massive corruption investigation, not immediately known after plane crash
19 of January 2017 Small plane carrying Brazil's Supreme Court Justice Teori Zavascki and several others crashes off Paraty
19 of January 2017 Brazilian governor calls for troops to end prison riot
19 of January 2017 Hong Kong Pro-independence parties’ Lunar New Year stalls banned due to ‘safety’ fears
19 of January 2017 Ottawa Salon offers service for women wearing a veil
19 of January 2017 Girl who was the subject of Monday Amber Alert wasn't abducted after all, police believe
19 of January 2017 Ottawa women descending on Washington to oppose Trump WomensMarch
19 of January 2017 For this year, installed capacity is expected to increase by an additional 7,120 MW.
19 of January 2017 Drug overdoses claim unprecedented 914 lives in B.C. in 2016
19 of January 2017 Brad Trost calls Kevin O'Leary 'a chicken' for missing French debate
18 of January 2017 Colombian government, ELN rebels agree to start peace talks: president
18 of January 2017 At least 3 dead after a student opened fire on companions, teacher at American College in Monterrey, northern Mexico
18 of January 2017 Assange is leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy reportedly and will be extradited to the United States
18 of January 2017 Ex-Hong Kong leader to keep things at arm’s length after causing stir by hugging Lam
18 of January 2017 Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying delivers his policy address for the year of 2017 on Wed, highlights economy, livelihood
18 of January 2017 At least 80 people killed in car bomb attack on Wed near military camp in Gao, northern Mali: reports
18 of January 2017 Bank of Canada expected to stand firm on rates ahead of Trump presidency
17 of January 2017 Oscar Lopez Rivera, Puerto Rican freedom fighter to be freed after spending 36 years in the U.S. prison.
17 of January 2017 Venezuelan president: Donald Trump will do better than Barack Obama
17 of January 2017 A pro-life group was dropped from the Women's March because of online outrage
17 of January 2017 RCMP investigate homicide in Richmond, arrest suspect
17 of January 2017 For the first time, the financial market began forecasting the Selic basic interest rate below 10% for 2017
17 of January 2017 Grassy Narrows chief wants Trudeau's commitment to mercury cleanup
17 of January 2017 4 people facing total of 165 charges in seizure of guns and drugs in Toronto
17 of January 2017 Border guards seize 17 bricks of suspected cocaine at Pacific Highway crossing
17 of January 2017 .@MichelTemer highlights job creation as a government priority
17 of January 2017 Federal Crown vying to stop private prosecution in B.C. dam collapse
17 of January 2017 Arson charges against man pending after series of fires in N.L. community
17 of January 2017 PM Trudeau meets with New Brunswickers during a town hall in Fredericton
17 of January 2017 Trudeau pledges fix coming for problem-plagued Phoenix pay system
17 of January 2017 National Non-Smoking Week turns 40 with quarter-million B.C. quitters
17 of January 2017 Ottawa double decker bus catches fire, all passengers safe.
17 of January 2017 Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi met former PM of Canada Stephen Harper earlier today
17 of January 2017 Man arrested over indecent assault of boy, 13, at Hong Kong hospital
17 of January 2017 5.4 earthquake hits Cuba, epicentre was South of Guisa
17 of January 2017 Venezuela releases new banknotes, valued 500-20,000 bolivars, amid heavy inflation. 20,000 bolivars worth less than $6 in black market
16 of January 2017 4 of those killed in shooting at nightclub in Mexico have been identified as 2 people from Canada, 1 from Italy and 1 from Colombia
16 of January 2017 Rally in the snow now in Denver for #MLKDAY
16 of January 2017 Two new Hong Kong train lines underused but no change in fares, MTR says
16 of January 2017 5 Dead (3 tourists, 2 Mexicans) 8 Injured after a gunman opened fire on people at a bar in Playa Del Carmen Mexico
16 of January 2017 The US has transferred 10 Guantánamo Bay prisoners to Oman. 45 detainees remain at the facility in Cuba
16 of January 2017 Cyberattacks up five-fold, Hong Kong’s information security watchdog says
16 of January 2017 16-year-old Toronto painter Sereen Aziz captures beauty of Syria before war destroyed it in her artwork
16 of January 2017 Multiple people reportedly killed in shooting at music festival in Mexico
16 of January 2017 Economic activity hits record increase of 0.20% in November
16 of January 2017 I won’t quit race to lead Hong Kong, Regina Ip vows
16 of January 2017 Douglas Garland murder trial begins Monday in deaths of Calgary couple and their grandson
16 of January 2017 B.C. Indigenous leaders accuse Bennett of 'stall tactics' on child welfare
16 of January 2017 Andrew Scheer leads endorsement race in Conservative leadership campaign
16 of January 2017 All BPM events have been cancelled after the shooting at the @blueparrotplaya club in PlayaDelCarmen Mexico, at least 8 dead
16 of January 2017 At least 8 dead and multiple injured in a mass shooting at a club in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
16 of January 2017 Hong Kong leadership race heats up as China clears way for top officials to run
16 of January 2017 Venezuela - Maduro on Sunday: need meeting of 25 oil producing countries in Qatar Q1. Sending delegation to countries very soon
16 of January 2017 Alberta PC leader candidate Jason Kenney challenged on all sides by unity plan
15 of January 2017 Tablets found in vanilla ice cream were Advil, police say
15 of January 2017 University of Ottawa lab gets $2.6 million grant.
15 of January 2017 74-year-old man dead after car collides with horse-drawn buggy in the town of Perth East
15 of January 2017 Ottawa Police investigating cyclist versus car confrontation
15 of January 2017 A 24-year-old male has died after a single-vehicle crash in Brampton on Saturday night
15 of January 2017 New York pols to boycott Donald Trump inauguration over Rep. John Lewis spat
15 of January 2017 Anti-President-elect @realDonaldTrump protests held in 50+ cities.
15 of January 2017 400,000 demonstrators expected at Inauguration.
15 of January 2017 Alec Baldwin returns to "Saturday Night Live" to poke fun at Trump's sons, inauguration line-up
15 of January 2017 Natal state prison riot in Brazil leaves at least 10 dead
15 of January 2017 Thousands of immigrants and supporters pack pews of historic DC church with message for Trump: "We are here to stay"
15 of January 2017 Four people suffer life-threatening injuries after Mansfield crash last night
15 of January 2017 Veterans help troubled ex-soldier with $200,000 in legal bills
15 of January 2017 Baldwin, celebrities to protest Trump in NYC
15 of January 2017 Obama ends asylum programs, in final shot to freedom in Cuba
15 of January 2017 Ahead of the inauguration, thousands rally for immigration and civil rights
15 of January 2017 Crumbing high court building in Ottawa due for major repairs
15 of January 2017 More Black Lawmakers Are Considering Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration
14 of January 2017 Thousands of protesters march in Washington ahead of presidential inauguration.
14 of January 2017 North Toronto fire leaves elderly woman in life-threatening condition
14 of January 2017 Attorney general orders external review of Legal Aid Ontario
14 of January 2017 "People can get hypothermia and they can die" BC's health officer weighs in on warming shelters at community centres
14 of January 2017 200K women expected to participate in Women's March on Washington
14 of January 2017 Authorities say at least 19 dead and over a dozen injured when passenger bus collides with off-duty school bus in Ecuador.
14 of January 2017 Protests at UC Davis lead to canceling of speech by Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos
14 of January 2017 Donald Trump's team is discussing the Mexican border wall with the Army Corps and Interior Department
14 of January 2017 Border town Dems brace for fight over Trump’s ‘wall’
14 of January 2017 West End Community Centre reopens as overnight shelter after Park Board controversy
14 of January 2017 Protesters planning to blockade inauguration checkpoints, 'party' outside Pence home
14 of January 2017 Road closures announced for Women's March on Washington
14 of January 2017 University of California, Davis cancels event featuring Milo Yiannopoulos and Martin Shkreli after protests, fights
14 of January 2017 Two suspects arrested in Mexico in connection to Kansas triple slaying
14 of January 2017 B.C. increases public funding to support homeowners, some of whom are sitting on millions in equity


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